Suggested Reading

We cannot define conclusively the body of knowledge necessary to pass the AVECCTN examination, the following reading list is only a guideline.

The AVECCTN Reading list has been updated for 2021.

AVECCTN Recommended Reading List


Strongly recommended:

Emergency and Critical Care Textbooks:

Small Animal Critical Care Medicine. Silverstein and Hopper. Published in 2015

Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care for Veterinary Technicians, Fourth Edition. Battaglia and Steele. Published in 2020.

Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care. Burkitt-Creedon and Davis. Published in 2012

Textbook of Small Animal Emergency Medicine. Drobatz, Hopper, et al. Published in 2018

Emergency Procedures for the Small Animal Veterinarian. Plunkett. Published in 2013

Veterinary Technician's Manual for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, 2nd Edition. Norkus. Published in 2018

Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice. Dibartola. Published in 2012


Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care - Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society


Multiple Disciplinary Tech Review - IVECCS


Other supplemental reading:

Basic Monitoring in Canine and Feline Emergency Patients. Thomovsky, Johnson, et al. Published in 2020

Acid-Base and Electrolyte Handbook for Veterinary Technicians. Angela Randels- Thorp and David Liss. Published in 2016

Fluids and Electrolytes made Incredibly Easy! Laura M. Willis. Published in 2019

ECG Interpretation in the Critically Ill Dog and Cat. Day. Published by Blackwell, 2005