AVECCTN Letters of Reference for VTS(ECC) Candidates

All Reference Letters for AVECCTN Candidates must be submitted via the form below. 

Instructions for Referees:

Thank you for supporting a future AVECCTN  member in their endeavour to obtain their VTS(ECC).  The form will be used to blindly submit your recommendation letter.  Please follow the instructions below, this form opens on November 1 and will expire on March 31 at 11:59PM EST.  Please ensure your letter reaches us prior to the deadline.  For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Upon clicking "submit", you will receive a confirmation email including a pdf copy of your submission that you can choose to share with the applicant if you wish, or keep a copy for your records.  The applicant will separately receive a confirmation of your submission which includes your name, but will not receive the details of the submission.

We do recommend that if you agree to submit a letter of reference, it will be in support of the candidate, and you feel that they have the attributes, skills and knowledge to become a VTS(ECC).

Please note, Letters are accepted ONLY from the  credentials list below.

Two letters of recommendation are required from a VTS (Emergency and Critical Care, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine), or VTS(ECC) Retired member, a Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society Veterinarian, a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care or board certified veterinarian specialist in Anesthesia, Internal Medicine or Surgery. Letters must be typed, and should include details on training, ethical behavior, and quality of skills.

European College of Veterinary Specialization equivalents are acceptable.

Non-Boarded, or Other specialty Boarded Veterinarians must submit their VECCS Number on the form. The form will not allow submission without this verification. 

If not currently a member of VECCS, membership can be obtained here.  Membership must be current at time of submission and during the review period (up to April 30 each year).  Membership is validated by our committee members.

Current VECCS members can obtain their 8 digit membership number by logging in at veccs.org and going to Manage Profile, then Membership Card.

Please submit your Letter of Reference here.